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How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality & Become A Digital Creativepreneur Within 90 Days!

This proven 9-step system has upgraded your level as an expert and helps you live an independent lifestyle and monetize your passion to help more people!

What You Will Learn?

Build Focused Mindset

Identify True Passion

Find Unique Value

Innovate Right Solution

Segment Target Audience

Setup Growth Systems

Grow Your Creations

Make Valuable Community

Generate Passive Wealth

Why Choose Us ?

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Happy Creatives

I must say it is the best platform to turn your passion into a profession. Thank you rachit sir for creating it. I have great experience of learning in no time. I suggest to join courses to anyone who really wants to live their passion.

Ankita Agarwal

The way rachit sir explained the things are simply amazing. To be honest I would have never seen such kind of online learning. I have improved my skills by practicing what i have learnt. This is the best platform. Thank you so much.

Kapil Goel

Rachit Yadav actually helps to provide you a vision to achieve whatever you aspire to.

Nandini Teji

How Do I Get Started?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please get clarity on these questions answered before you attend the workshop!

Who can join this masterclass?

Any creative artist, creator, or teacher who wants to improve their audience, learn how to use digital tools, and develop a unique style that can be monetized. 

Learning how to turn your passion into a successful creative career is something that you love and recognize as your calling.

This workshop is perfect for you if

As a budding creatives, you want to know where to start, what tools and programs to use, and how to develop a unique style you love that will sure to sell.

This workshop is not for you if

You’re searching for a get-rich-quick scheme. The road to becoming a successful artist takes time and hard work, as well as a strong will to succeed. Make your dream a reality if you’re willing to work for it.

What is the program of this workshop?

This is a two-day workshop that lasts about 60 minutes per day. The goal of this workshop is to teach an individual how to improve their skillset, mindset, and toolset through learning, implementing, and applying.

Is this workshop only for creators?

Anyone who is interested in starting a creative career, building an online presence, and monetizing their knowledge can attend this workshop.

Do I need any prior experience?

The only thing you need is a willingness to learn and apply.

My background is non-technical

There is no need to be a technical expert, you will easily find the step by step methods.

Can I access the workshop materials?

As part of the workshop, you will receive a workbook and blueprint that will assist you in completing your assignments even more successfully.