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Independent Artist Model

1. Recognize the gaps

2. Upskill your knowledge

3. Become a creativepreneur

4. Identify your true passion

5. Brand yourself as an expert

6. Discover advanced concepts 

7. Get your creativity monetized

8. Business launch for creatives

9. Living an independent lifestyle

10. Maximize Your Growth Potential

11. Make your first million as an artist 

12. Create digital assets from your content

Self Evaluation Blueprint

1. Identify your current situation

2. Find out where you stand today

3. Determine what you need to improve

4. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

5. Set goals for achieving your desired results

Niche Selection Formula

1. Know about niche creation 

2. Figuring out profitable niches

3. Following the choice of a niche  

4. Build a profession around your niche

5. Collection of 100+ niche ideas for validation

Portfolio Design Blueprint

1. Smart creative checklist

2. Enhance your online presence

3. Create a professional portfolio  

4. Develop your own signature style

5. Demonstrate your skills and abilities

Independent Creator Blueprint

1. Creation of ideas 

2. Production of content

3. Increase your influence

4. Identify your target audience

5. Start monetizing your community

 Artist Income Blueprint

1. Find your income goal

2. Boost your creative business

3. Profitable method to generate wealth

4. 5-stage growth process for creative careers 

5. Roadmap to earning and managing your money

Social Media Setup Blueprint

1. Social media automation

2. Marketing tools for Creators

3. Branding & designing templates

4. Targeted advertisement strategy 

5. Profile customization and optimization

Independent Goal Challenge

1. Individual goal strategy 

2. SWOT analysis templates

3. Realistic positive attitude

4. Time and Stress management

5. Task organizing and planning 

IAC Hackathon 1.0

1. Real-time practices

2. Get fast-track results

3. Speed up your progress

4. 30-day creativity challenge

5. Earn a certificate of completion

Inner Circle Clan

1. Get support 

2. Premium Workshops

3. Reminders & Affirmations 

4. Rewards and Gamification

5. Access to exclusive content

IAC Meetup Vault

1. Weekly updates

2. Extreme quizzes

3. High-quality feedback 

4. Ask me Anything Session

5. Share experiences & values

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